Continuing the series of articles about upcoming and already conducted events about alternative currencies and related topics, the Cointelegraph thinks it is important to report on the “Satoshi Square” event series. Today, on the 18th of January the meetup of this category will be launched in London. The city is going to be host for the first and definitely not for the last time, as it can be definitely named as one of the financial capitals of Europe.

The idea of the event is very simple – no schedule, no reports set for particular times, just natural discussions and the possibility to trade, being at the same venue and talking about the terms and conditions of the deals. The official page on the meeting provides information on 275 registered participants; just 25 free places are left to be occupied. The person in charge is Tom Robinson of Elliptic. The event might be a rehearsal for a similar educative panel also organized by Elliptic and set for the 21st of January. The board will also feature some young entrepreneurs from Bitcoin insurance startup and other similar companies, located in the UK and Europe in general.

The venue was chosen on purpose – the Bishops Square, close to the Old Spitalfields Market. Many of you, who have been to London, are capable to imagine the place – the edge of the City of London, the financial district, where 41% of all worlds’ forex deals are completed. The meetup is labeled as “informal social affair”. The main aim is to bring people together to educate each other and to make it as easy as possible. The guests will gather under a white canopy, float and exchange information with numerous participants. There will be no stands of companies to distract from spontaneous deals and acquisitions. The first analogic meeting was organized last May in New York. The initial activist and author of the idea was Josh Rossi, who helped several Bitcoin and online finance activists and enthusiasts to come together at the Union Square Park in downtown Manhattan. It was the first cryptocoin open-air event that transformed in a coin marketplace and idea incubator.

Big deals are uncommon for these gatherings, but Rossi witnessed a 10000 dollar transaction as one of the biggest. In this case the amount and size really does not matter – it is more important to bring together funds and ideas, investments and startups, or just allow people to change the environment, go outside take a deep breath and make a good Bitcoin deal. Who has said that online technologies prohibit a sterling offline life?