Pioneering Seedcoin-funded Bitcoin derivatives platform has announced some rapid expansion with the launch of language localization and international technical upgrades.

Following some rocky times earlier this year with partner Mt. Gox’s untimely demise, as the world’s first platform for trading Bitcoin-only derivatives has seen its fortunes turned around. In April, an investment of 500BTC from Bitcoin startup virtual incubator Seedcoin has resulted in a host of upgrades, and these are now set to benefit users throughout the world.

In a press release issued yesterday, co-founder and COO George Samman announced the debut of language localization features for Russian, Polish, Spanish and Chinese-speaking customers:

“Our language localization service is our response to the worldwide demand among traders for our customizable platform and suite of options. These strengths make the trusted resource for traders who appreciate our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

According to the press release, the full-scale language development process was motivated by the service’s growing popularity in Asia especially, a sign that underscores the continued interest in cryptocurrencies in the space despite recent regulatory setbacks.

Confident investor

“Further reflecting the worldwide appeal” is a new website design and a further upgrade to the trading process itself in the form of adjustable leverage ratios, which are now available at 5:1 and 2:1 from the previous 10:1 offered.

“The 5:1 and 2:1 ratios allow traders with varied risk profiles and different objectives to go long or short on Bitcoin derivatives,” explains.

The improvements have meanwhile by no means gone unnoticed, with investor Seedcoin publicly voicing its approval of the projects.

“Seedcoin applauds for having achieved yet another breakthrough,” said co-founder and chief startup officer Eddy Travia. “Since our investment in is also the most substantial stake, to date, by the Seedcoin Fund, we believe the language localization service is part of several competitive advantages that distinguish as the premier site for the trading of Bitcoin derivatives.”

While derivative trading will most likely remain the domain of more technically-minded Bitcoin users, is a sturdy example of the currency’s international health. With offices now in New York, London and Singapore, the rate at which the platform along with other startups has been able to expand internationally is a fair measure of underlying confidence indeed.