BTCC and BATPOOL support for SegWit2x has taken the overall community consensus beyond the 80 percent threshold needed for adoption.

While the figure stood at 71 percent of network hash rate just yesterday, Tuesday has finally seen the number surpass the crucial marker to take effect.

SegWit2x, acceptance of which would all but guarantee the implementation of SegWit for Bitcoin, has received as much hype and criticism as any potential solution in the Bitcoin scaling debate.

Reacting to the latest developments, however, the cryptocurrency community appeared overwhelmingly relieved.

The code for SegWit2x is still in its alpha stage, with a beta release slated for the end of June.

Support has already come from the majority of well-known mining pools including Antpool, Bitfury and F2Pool.

Pro-Bitcoin Unlimited pools and ViaBTC also joined the support.

Meanwhile, in an explanatory post about SegWit2x on Monday, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song noted the code’s implementation is “actually a trickier question than it may seem.”

“This is a positive development if you’re hoping to avoid a permanent split as it looks like Bitcoin will stay on one chain,” he wrote.

“But the battle is not over. The bigger and more contentious issue of a 2MB hard fork is the one that still needs to be settled.”