With all the chaos and division around the looming August 1 deadline for UASF/UAHF scaling questions, companies and mining pools have been making statements for or against different positions. F2Pool is the next company to put their flag in the ground.

The announcement indicated F2Pool’s support of the New York Agreement, as well as SegWit2x. Echoing other recent industry announcements, F2Pool did indicate that the support is contingent on SegWit2x being technologically mature.

The group also made some statements regarding the nature of the scaling propositions that have been offered.

They indicated that scaling is effectively a software upgrade and that an upgrade should include a technologically mature software, an embracing by the community and a vote by the miners.

"F2Pool verbalized its support for miners, stating the “miners are, without doubt, the protector and guardian in the development of Bitcoin.”


The support for SegWit2x is based on a belief that SegWit is both technologically mature and feasible since it has been successfully deployed on a number of wallets, as well as activated on Litecoin.

The move also ensured that F2Pool would not become a hindrance to the further development of Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, detractors will have some responses, but the move highlights the continued and increasing support SegWit may well receive as the deadline approaches.