Earlier today, the domain 'sex.crypto' sold for 230 ETH, or approximately $90,000 at press time. The domain extension .crypto is generated by Unstoppable Domains and is censorship-resistant. The transaction, which occurred on OpenSea's token marketplace, was completed by a user named Maxstealth. Currently, he owns 196 .crypto domains in total.

This individual or entity appears to be an Ethereum (ETH) whale, as the Ethereum address from which the payment was sent has received over 10,000 ETH. Currently, the account has only 1.75 ETH left, according to data from CrystalBlockchain. The buyer most likely believes in the future of decentralized domains and is betting big on the price appreciation. This may pay serious dividends if its traditional DNS counterpart is anything to go by — sex.com is worth over $12 million according to some estimates.