The decentralized corporate management platform Aragon has seen Spain join the ever-popular crypto crowd sale race.

Beginning May 17, Aragon will launch a month-long campaign to raise funds through sales of its token, ANT.

Co-Founder and Project Lead at Aragon, Luis Cuende, said in a press release that the startup is focusing specific on serving the needs of nontraditional companies without standard hierarchies and a geographical presence.

“The catalyst has been Blockchain technology changing the incentive structure for companies,” he commented. “Aragon is building the tools for this next generation of decentralized organizations.”

Using Ethereum, Cuende and his team are building the Aragon Network, a DAO which aims to cover all aspects of running a business, from payroll to entrepreneurial and investment activities.

“The Aragon Network [...] will be the first decentralized autonomous organization whose goal is to act as a digital jurisdiction that makes it easy for organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to operate,” the release continues.

Aragon was one of the Ethereum startups highlighted by co-founder Mihai Alisie as showing particular promise in the early development stages.

Cuende is keenly riding the wave of popularity surrounding token sales this year, which have already been many and varied, raising considerable sums in ever-decreasing periods.

“In 2016 we saw the rise in token sales and already in 2017 we are seeing that this trend is very much continuing,” he added. “As a team, we are dedicated and committed to the long-term success of the project.”