There have been many instances throughout history of single issue political parties forming and having a great deal of success. But just yesterday we reported that one of Sweden’s political candidates, Mathias Sundin, a member of Sweden’s liberal center-right party Folkpartiet and current Deputy Mayor of Norrköping said that he would be accepting only Bitcoin donations during his campaign. But now, instead of a few politicians supporting Bitcoin the cryptocurrency will have its own political party.

Almedalsveckan Week is one of the most important times in Swedish politics. The major political parties are all given opportunities to give speeches and hold seminars and on some days there are more than 400 events going on during a single day. The new party has plans to announce their entry into the political fray at this event and the constitutional meeting could not have been a better place.

The party’s platform seems to be more about changing the economic paradigm that it does specifically about Bitcoin or even virtual currencies. Organizers say that centralized control of money is the cause of most of the economic problems that the world has and that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are one sure way of correcting the imbalances that always develop in a centralized marketplace.

The party’s platform, linked above, is in Swedish and the party is pushing for change in Sweden, while at the same time stating that most of our economic problems are caused by the US Federal Reserve Bank. But a political party in Sweden can have little effect on the policies of the Federal Reserve Bank and the only way to divorce Sweden from the effect of that bank is to take the country out of that economic system, i.e. Sweden switches to a completely altcoin economy, using only fiat currency for international trading.

Christian Ander, the Party leader, photo courtesy of Iman Mirbloki

The decentralization movement is nothing new in Europe and has been an issue since the formation of the European Union and the ability of cryptography to free people from the burdens that keep them in low economic and social statuses is becoming very popular. The new Swedish party is interested in putting the power of our money back into the hands of the people, creating a better balance for the world than one in which less that 1,000 people control 80% of the resources of the other 7 billion.

In the words of the Bitcoin Partiet: Kom med oss!

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