Closed-end Blockchain investment fund Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) has announced it will list on two exchanges following the closure of its ICO.

The fund, which claims to “reduce the risks and technical barriers of investing in the Blockchain space,” has already raised over 2,700 BTC ($3,056,000) from the ICO, which ends April 27.

Two exchanges, Livecoin and Ukraine’s largest exchange Kuna, will host the asset starting April 28.

“TaaS is proud to partner with Livecoin and Kuna, helping early adopters capitalize on the surging blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces,” TaaS CEO Svetlana Geller commented in a press release circulated on Tuesday.

“With the TaaS token tradable on the Livecoin and Kuna exchanges, more investors can gain easy, fully transparent and convenient access to the vast cryptocurrency market.”

Through developing what it calls “cryptographic audit technology,” TaaS classes itself as “the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to Blockchain assets.”

Investors looking to invest in the “vast cryptocurrency market” can now do so with complete auditing transparency, the release continues.

Kuna CEO Mikhail Chobanyan, who this week also announced the spiralling interest in cryptoassets being witnessed in Ukraine, was similarly upbeat about hosting TaaS.

“We believe Kuna’s customers will greatly appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of TaaS’ groundbreaking offering and that the partnership will help to grow and strengthen Kuna’s platform,” he said.