Critics of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) look at these digital assets as being invaluable JPGs, without any specific use case. The main argument here is that while an NFT might hold value like a rare stamp or Pokemon card, they don't have the real-world impact on making them little more than a collectors' item. Whether you agree or are an avid collector yourself, the same fact rings true, with a functional, engaging platform, the NFT world would be revolutionized, as would the real-world industries surrounding them.

One of these industries might just be horse racing, a sport that continues to grow in popularity, as an industry full of constantly changing odds, family fun and player bets. With the introduction of online bookmakers and betting websites, which provide more detailed information about the different horses and jockeys, the sport has only continued to widen in scope, now becoming a 300 billion dollar industry.

DeRace is combining these two worlds with a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem. Their mission is to become the World's #1 online gaming platform for NFTs by eliminating greedy bookmakers and putting players in control of the betting that occurs in their own hippodromes. The team believes this mission can only be accomplished with long-term dedication and a blockchain basis that will give power to the people.

Adele, the Founder and CMO of DeRace, shares, "we are breathing new life to the static NFT market by introducing playable DNA-enriched NFT horses." Adele continues, within the game, "players can trade, race and breed, community-owned hippodromes that players have full control of and the World's first cashflow ETF! We are galloping towards a new standard in the gaming market and creating a never-seen-before gaming experience!"

The team most recently announced that Michael Owen, the legendary footballer for Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, Manchester United and England, is joining the DeRace team as an advisor and already working on the further development of this collaboration.

Breathing new life

With over 20 years of experience, Michael has since stepped away from playing the game and is now the owner of a thoroughbred horse training facility. Having worked with numerous winning horses, he has gained an impressive knowledge of the industry, which he aims to utilize in the creation of the DeRace NFT horse racing universe. As an advisor, his role will help the team provide the best virtual horse racing experience available on the market.

In addition to the famous footballer, the DeRace team has since gained the support of the world-famous professional former cricketer AB de Villiers. Strategic advisors for the project also include Alex Becker and Kmanu88. The game also has endorsements from Crypto Banter Ryan Neuter, Ellio Trades, and Kojisan.

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With the help of a growing team, the DeRace platform is well-positioned to simulate horse racing with features that allow users to hold horses and win races with them. However, the platform also extends further, creating a simulation of real-life horse racing while giving players the ultimate gaming and betting experience, bringing all exciting aspects of the game to digital reality.

In the game, players can create their own stadium to host races either by themselves or with other players, where earnings can be kept for themselves or shared with others. Additionally, users can participate in the more fun part of horse racing - betting, with all bets made in real-time.

Off to the races

DeRace has the World's first Initial Game Offering (IGO) on Binance NFT, with horse tickets selling out in less than two seconds in the previous two drops, with some of the digital assets trading at more than $100,000. The team excitedly awaits the next drop, where 2000 more horses will be released. 

Following this drop, players can expect the release of the game itself in Q4, with the full game being released in Q1. At this time, the team is confident that users can soon get a glimpse of a never-seen-before event in an NFT market with their latest partners, The Dodge Pound Club.

DeRace also plans two more drops of NFT horses on the Binance marketplace on Oct. 26 and 28.

The Oct. 26th drop will comprise 57 NFT horse tickets of exclusive “Binancian breed” and 1000 NFT horses or all tiers. This breed can be identified with a Binance-shaped logo on the right hind leg of an NFT horse.

The company will also release their own marketplace where the community will be able to buy NFT horses, which will be sold exclusively for DERC, DeRace’s native token, on Oct. 28.

DeRace shares that the ticket exchange will be released shortly,  and everyone who has bought a ticket at previous drops will be able to exchange it for an actual horse.

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