On the 19th February the team of TechCrunch announced that they are accepting Bitcoin payments for the upcoming Disrupt New York event in May. The news cannot be named shocking or massive as the meetup is dedicated to IT and online technologies, solutions and startups more or less related to cryptographic currencies. Do not search in this article some thrill or surprise – it carries a mere informative character very important for the stabilization of the virtual environment.

Some background data on the company. TechCrunch is an experienced organizer of events on the above mentioned topics. Most venues chosen for the seminars or conferences are located in the USA, but still some meetings were organized somewhere else. The main international branch of events is the “International City” series, held in Rome, Tokyo, Moscow and other cities. The upcoming disrupt event is also a regular matter now moving to New York from San Francisco on the 5th-7th May. The agenda features presentations, discussions and two know-hows called Hackathon (attempt to bring hackers and developers together) and Startup Battlefield (game for ideas to win a cup and some money).

The payments of those, who will be willing to purchase the tickets for Bitcoin, will be processed by Coinbase. The exchange ratio will be determined at the moment of purchase. The administration says:

“If you started mining years ago, this may be your chance to rock out at Disrupt for free. And if you’re one of those paranoid types, this is a great way to hide your tracks until you arrive at the event, at which time you’ll be wearing a name badge anyway, so all bets are off. That said, we hope this helps more people attend Disrupt and we’ll be accepting Bitcoin for events for the foreseeable future.”

Cointelegraph hopes that among its readers are potential visitors of the event, but promises to cover the fulfillment in detail in the beginning of May for those, who will be unable to attend.