Dutch startup BitStraat targets bars and restaurants with its new handheld bitcoin payments terminal. The introduction of the terminal, named “The Handheld,” is the latest step in BitStraat's ongoing effort to establish Amsterdam as the “Bitcoin capital of the world.”

BitStraat, which serves as a middleman linking bitcoin accepting merchants and bitcoin payment processors such as BitPay, was founded by Amsterdam residents Max Barendregt and Kasper Keunen in 2014.

Adding to “The Countertop,” which is more suited for - well - countertops, BitStraat now has two different types of payment processors in its range.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Barendregt said:

“We listened closely to the feedback our customers were giving us on our first payments terminal. Several of them told us they preferred a terminal that was better suited to carry around. So we created a version that is easy to handle, has a battery life of up to a week, and is very durable.”

Apart from the design, The Handheld is improved on a technical level compared to The Countertop as well.

Barendregt explained:

“The Handheld has both a conventional keyboard as well as a touch screen. It also has a motion sensor and is shock and water resistant. Bitcoin payments can be conducted by showing a QR-code on the display, but it also has NFC-capability and Bluetooth built in.”

BitStraat has teamed up with payment processor BitPay, which has its European headquarters in Amsterdam, to turn the Dutch capital into the Bitcoin capital of the world. This “Amsterdam Bitcoin City” project was launched in November of 2014, and currently has 21 brick and mortar locations signed up to the initiative.

Like The Countertop, The Handheld will be included in BitStraat's payments plan at no additional cost. This plan costs a total of ten euro's per month, and apart from the terminal includes installation, payment processing through BitPay and – if required – maintenance.

As opposed to The Countertop, however, The Handheld will not be given away for free to the first 100 brick and mortar merchants in Amsterdam that agree to accept bitcoin in their stores. This specific promotion – which is still running – is financed by BitPay, while The Handheld is not.

The Handheld is currently being tested in Pakhuis de Zwijger, the venue that hosts the monthly Bitcoin Wednesday meetup in Amsterdam. BitStraat will further roll out The Handheld in Amsterdam establishments in May of this year while it is also for sale for €180.

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