A company that offers automated crypto trading bots has rolled out support for another exchange.

TradeSanta says its infrastructure has now been integrated with Kraken — with spot and futures trading available.

It's hoped this latest collaboration will introduce a new audience to trading bots, and forms a crucial part of TradeSanta's strategy to integrate as many exchanges as possible.

TradeSanta's powerful tools can already be used across Binance, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Upbit, OKX, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, FTX and Bybit. Paid subscriptions can unlock access to TradingView Screener signals and Custom TradingView signals.

According to the company, its suite of tools enable everyday consumers to trade crypto like a pro — with algorithmic strategies that unleash faster trades and optimal results.

Given the volatility that's all too regularly seen in the crypto markets, with Bitcoin and Ether witnessing wild swings in the blink of an eye, automation can be crucial in gaining an all-important edge — and save precious time when compared with manual orders.

Getting started

Once a TradeSanta account has been opened, the first step for connecting an exchange involves creating an access point. You can then select your chosen trading platform and fill in an API key and an API secret key — ensuring a secure link is established. The whole process is straightforward, with the company offering a comprehensive guide on how to start trading on its website.

From here, it's time to create a bot — and decide which trading strategies to implement. At this point, you'll also need to select your desired trading pair.

A plethora of features are on offer, meaning it's worth spending a little time experimenting with the different tools at your disposal. You can add stop loss, trailing stop losses and simple or trailing take profits — and rely on a range of technical indicators that include RSI, MACD, Bollinger signals and TradingView signals

TradeSanta also posts regular blogs that help beginners understand how common technical indicators work — crucial tools for gauging price movements and uncovering trends. This can help you interpret whether the mood music for major digital assets is bullish or bearish — and whether key cryptocurrencies are overbought or oversold.

Given the sheer levels of volatility that have been seen in the crypto markets over recent months, such intelligence can be crucial — a lighthouse in stormy waters.

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Continual enhancements

The crypto markets don't sit still — and neither does TradeSanta. The company recently redesigned its onboarding process to make it even easier for new users to start using the bots.

Other key achievements for the company over the past 12 months have included the addition of several major crypto exchanges, a marketplace with bots where you can choose the bots to copy based on their return and performance, and the arrival of Preset and Custom TradingView signals. Better still, card payments for subscriptions can now be accepted through a payments provider called Paddle.

Looking ahead, TradeSanta is determined to expand into even more markets — including integration with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and new centralized exchanges (CEXs) — as part of its goal to reach every crypto user... no matter which exchange they use. Expanded bots analytics are also on the horizon, giving users ever more innovative ways to formulate the right strategies in a fast-moving and unpredictable economic climate. And another crucial objective includes the addition of a marketplace with signals. 

Bitcoin, Ether and thousands of altcoins trade 24/7 — and in recent months, some of the most significant movements have taken place on weekends. Trading bots give crypto traders the opportunity to capitalize on fluctuations even if they're away from their computer — allowing them to catch up on some much-needed sleep and relaxation.

Constant updates on the project's development — and more insights into the crypto market — are available on TradeSanta's Twitter and Discord.

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