Cointelegraph is proud to announce the addition of the popular website to CT’s Media group, which already includes and

Crytoarticles is a news media blog that focuses on everything cryptocurrency-related with dedicated sections that include the latest news, rants, services, and educational guides for beginners wanting to get involved in Bitcoin such as guidelines for mining, buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

The website is a popular information tool for the online community, according to the Alexa ranking system and will be a great addition to Cointelegraph, which is striving to consolidate the online Bitcoin community and strengthen ties among members and businesses. This also gives businesses an additional opportunity for advertising as Cryptoarticles now hosts promotional banners for Cointelegraph’s business partners. 

The latest move is just the the most recent example of the hockey stick growth experienced by Cointelegraph in recent months and will undoubtedly expand our coverage, create more business opportunities and strengthen community ties while fostering further growth and development. We are very excited about the latest addition of such a reputable website to our media team and are hopeful that more will follow in the future.

For more details on advertising opportunities with Cointelegraph go here.

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