Big banks have long stored currency, stock certificates and precious objects like gold and jewels on behalf of their clients. Now, thanks to a recent policy change by a federal banking regulator, they will be able to hold Bitcoin (BTC) and other alternative cryptocurrencies as well. In fact, banks have already begun not only accumulating cryptocurrencies but also trading them on crypto exchanges using three major keys to successful trading. 

Crypto trading trick #1: Crowd psychology

We all know that when Elon Musk says jump, Dogecoin (DOGE) says, “How high?” There are key moments when the crowd has reliably reacted in similar fashion time and time again. History repeats itself. That’s why professional traders are constantly trawling the internet, the news and as many sources as they can, looking for the tell-tale signs of a burgeoning swell of market activity in order to ride the wave to greater profits.

Crypto trading trick #2: Breaking news

Big announcements from the major players in the world of crypto can move markets. New asset listings on crypto exchanges, partnership agreements between large companies, and even traditional companies like PayPal announcing they have embraced the crypto revolution can send prices skyward. That’s why professional traders are using high-powered systems to monitor the web to identify market-making news.

Crypto trading trick #3: Investor sentiment

Big banks are sneaking a look at publicly available social media conversations on platforms like Twitter using deep sentiment analysis to understand which cryptocurrencies are being excitedly discussed on the internet.

Pulling these three investing tricks together puts crypto traders like you ahead of the market.

Leveling the playing field

Not to be outdone by the big banks, startups are getting into the game and leveraging the same deep analysis and algorithms that the banks are using, and they are making that data available to individual traders at a fraction of the cost the banks are paying. Why are they doing this? Simply put, because there are a lot more individual traders out there than banks. In fact, most of the crypto trading globally is being carried out by individual traders, according to the public ledgers these cryptocurrencies make available.

Meet Markets Pro

Get market-making news the second it becomes available

The very same system the banks are using powers the algorithm at Markets Pro. The second after the system discovers an announcement, Markets Pro subscribers receive an alert at a speed that often beats most other social and media sources where traders normally discover actionable news. It allows Markets Pro subscribers to act on breaking news faster than the rest of the market.

Your secret weapon: The VORTECS™ Score

The VORTECS™ Score is an algorithmic comparison of several key market metrics around each coin based on years of historical data. It assesses whether the outlook for an asset is healthy at any moment given its historical record of price action. Think of it like having an entire crypto trading desk at a hedge fund distilling all of its research down to a simple score ranging from 1 to 100.

VORTECS™ stands for volume, outlook, RealPrice, tweet volume, elevation, confidence and sentiment — the components used in calculating the score. The model looks for consistent patterns in various configurations of these metrics and matches them with subsequent price action to determine if particular patterns have consistently preceded price rallies or drops in the past.

Your backup team: A passionate trader community

Many Markets Pro subscribers are active on the Discord server, where they share trading strategies, discuss emergent crypto projects and reveal market insight. The community also benefits from weekly exclusive interviews and AMAs from industry experts and key influencers, as well as Cointelegraph’s own editorial experts.

Markets Pro is more than the sum of its parts. It’s your essential tool to compete with the pros and ensure you do not miss out on the next big thing.

The reviews are in:

“We use the technology behind Markets Pro NewsQuakes to alert us to the stories that matter — the second they become available. In this industry, time is everything, and this platform helps us keep an edge over the competition.” — Kristina L. Cornèr, editor-in-chief, Cointelegraph

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