Yesterday, on the 19th of December, Mt.Gox issued a press release including two very important massages that allow drawing the conclusion that the bitcoin has survived all the massive recent attacks from government, authorities and organizations and is ready to prove it status as the leading trend for the next year.

The exchange service Mt.Gox is very grateful for the support of the customers, who have chosen them as the platform for their operations and transactions and is very happy to service their millionth customer. Both this fact and the upcoming holidays are reasons enough to consider some present for the society. Reaching such volumes the platform introduces a discount on the fees. From December 20th 2013 (00h00 GMT) to January 20th 2014 (23h59 GMT) there will be a Special Holiday Discount of 25% on the fees of any kind of action.

The second part of the announcement tells about the introduction of the partnership with Mayzus Financial Services. The partnership will make more comfortable and reduce the servicing times of the users, who are not US residents. The official comment says: “Now that we are working with Mayzus, a leading financial company that is in-tune with the future of Bitcoin, anyone with a verified account will be able to quickly send money to their Mt.Gox account via 126 global currencies.” More information about the mentioned currencies, methods and instruments provided by Mayzus can be found on their homepage. Besides the wide range of fiat currencies processed by the platform, it also works with different payment forms and methods, like electronic transfers (WebMoney, QiWi), cash transfers (Western Union, Contact), several types of credit cards and other.

The integration process request some time as well. The first stage of introduction will include deposits, but the second will provide the customers with withdrawals via Mayzus. To be able to enjoy the new features the users have to have an account with the service. The description of the registration routine is also provided. For those willing to start to use the option the Mayzus icon will be present in the menu of Mt.Gox.

Still, the exchange service warns the users on the safety matters. The account at Mayzus should be protected by a one-time use password that can be provided by different applications, like Google Authenticator or the Mt.Gox Yubikey or OTP Card solutions. Further information is also provided on the Mt.Gox page, who also notes that the use of the service by the US users will be more comfortable both during deposit and withdrawal.

Dear readers, even If You do not plan to start a Mayzus account, hurry up to use the discount offer during the upcoming month – such generous offers are rare in these galloping days of the modern world.