Local media outlets are reporting that a blockchain-powered pilot program will provide a wide range of notary services in Suzhou, China.

According to China Quality News, authorities of Suzhou announced on June 5 that this program aims to help millions of citizens access legal and government offices via the internet.

The pilot platform, created by the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice, will cover personal freedom, life, health, property rights, and more.

Blockchain-based cloud network to distribute files

All the materials will be available through the cloud. Audio and video records will be shared among notaries involved for legal purposes, thus facilitating the use of real-time tracing functions.

The network will be called the “Suzhou Notary Chain.” It will allow the administrative law enforcement unit to use the system for online notarization and will carry out the entire process through shared files on the cloud platform when a dispute occurs.

Unlike the conventional method of storing audio and video files within a law enforcement database, the blockchain-based notary services platform will process everything from recording to distribution. This will guarantee “easy data storage, high security, non-tampering, and traceability, which will improve the transparency of the administrative law enforcement.”

China’s blockchain adoption status

China continues to take essential steps to adopt blockchain technology in the country and implement related systems in different sectors of the economy.

Cointelegraph recently reported on a pilot program launched in Hainan’s province that aims to strengthen cross-border payments via blockchain technology.

On June 2, Chinese authorities released a master plan for making Hainan a free trade island that encourages institutions to use blockchain in transforming government function.