A small group of passionate Computer Engineers from Toronto is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for their first creation: a “physical” Bitcoin ticker. Funders and future buyers of the device will own an alarm clock that will also display the price of bitcoin, owner’s account balances, time and local temperature.

Real Coin Tickers (RCT) is a small team of Computer Engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast from Toronto that have invested some time into the realization of a “more complete” alarm clock for the Bitcoin enthusiast family and are soon going to open a crowdfunding campaign to enable mass production of their “physical” Bitcoin ticker.

So if you have ever awaken at 3 in the morning jumping on your bed because “oh my gosh what had happen to the Bitcoin price?” and struggled to find your mobile phone just to check it, this device is coming to help. Just by turning your head to the nightstand, you will read on flashing LEDs the Bitcoin price status and if your finances are still there, and, of course, what time did you wake on anxiety.

Tixie bitcoin ticker

This, at least, in the beginning, because Tixie is not just an alarm clock with a couple of Bitcoin features added, Tixie will be connected to your WiFi, and, as stated by its creators, the software will be updated continuously following users’ requests:

“Our aim with Tixie is to make the use of digital currency more engaging and enjoyable. Tixie is a physical bitcoin ticker that can be used at home or at the office. It currently has four main modes which tick various information for the user in the real world. At its core, Tixie is a price ticker, and is designed to give the user a heads up on how bitcoin’s price is trending with just a glance. Tixie will also tick the balances of two included bitcoin accounts (like checking and savings) that comes bundled with a mobile app. The app is used to set up Tixie and control all the customizations. Since Tixie uses WiFi, we will continually update it with features the community demands. Tixie can also tick the time and display the local outside temperature of desired location. Tixie uses three touch buttons located at the top that will be used to navigate to different modes, ambient light colors and currency units. As a bonus feature, we included two USB ports to charge phones and most tablets. There are many more features of Tixie and we are creating a FAQs page on our website to address the finer details.”

Tixie also works coupled with a smartphone app, and there are big plans of expansion on it as well:

“We plan to partner with an exchange to allow the purchase of bitcoins directly from Tixie’s app using a credit card, with the hopes of making bitcoin more accessible. We are currently partnered with Bitconnect at bitconnect.info, a free service to help people understand and connect to everything Bitcoin. We plan to raise funds in order to mass produce Tixie and to continue making unique real world blockchain based devices for the everyday person. You can currently visit our website at realcointickers.com to sign up for a notification when our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo launches.”

This device is probably one of the first non-wallet and non-POS hardware Bitcoin device on the market.

No precise date for the crowdfunding campaign beginning has been released by the RCT team, they are still planning to set it up in the “next weeks”, so keep tuned for future updates.

What other types of devices can we expect in the future that will take advantage of the fully networked functions of Bitcoin? How many years, before we will pay a Google Taxi with Bitcoins to bring us to the airport?