Turbocharged, the first videogame to make use of GameCredits, is hitting the internet in less than 24 hours with registrations open for a 21 day long tournament, together with a new web wallet. Registered users will be able to participate in the tournament on December 15th, when a three week event with prizes will be held.

Videogame credits are not new on the scene: it was probably one of the first applications thought out by devs for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. But many have failed already, and none gained considerable respect or fame, save for Hyper, which has managed to gain a significant number of followers in some games.

Now, GameCredits is rushing in after an embryonic stage of nearly one year, and the project looks solid. The cryptocurrency entered the Poloniex lists on 22nd of December 2014 at the price of 100 Satoshi and after ups and downs it is now sold at around 5000 Satoshi.


Racing game TurboCharged has been already released to the public on September 3, 2015. This second release will allow the developer team to further battle-test the coin Transaction Platform and Betting System, as stated on the website:

“The scope of this game and user expectations are outlined as follows:

  • The main goal with this launch is to battle-test our in-game GMC Transaction Platform & Betting System.
  • Initial release will feature a time shifted multiplayer gaming mode - racing against other ghost racer cars.
  • Our initial launch shall support Windows game play, while subsequent releases shall integrate Mobile Platforms as well as Linux and Mac OS compatibility.”

In less than 24 hours, the countdown will be over, and users will be allowed to register for the Tokyo Grand Prix (TGP) and to create their web wallet.

Race With Prizes

But the real dance will begin on December 15th when the TGP will be supposedly opened to everybody, and a real challenge of three weeks will start. Three prizes will be awarded in GameCredits (GMC) to the three fastest racers in a brand new circuit, with the winner taking home 15000 GMC, the equivalent of 0.7371 BTC or over 260$... However, the value of GMC could change much due to hype, when the tournament is announced. Second place will net the winner 5000 GMC, third - 1000 GMC.

If you want to have a chance to participate in the TGP, all you need to do is to register for the web wallet when the link becomes available, and of course download and install the game.

Ivica Simatovic, PR, Marketing, and Business Strategy Manager

We’ve reached Ivica Simatovic, PR, Marketing, and Business Strategy Manager for the team, and here’s what she told us:

Cointelegraph: Hi Ivica, so, first of all, how large is the team behind GameCredits?

Ivica Simatovic: We were 12 now we are over 40, from many countries all over the world.

CT: What are your plans for advertisement?

IS: Considering that we are the underdogs in quite a new market of cryptocurrencies, our best way of approach to marketing is to develop an organic environment for our users and bring solutions to their needs using our existing media outlets, establishing new ones and spreading the word.

CT: How is GameCredits moving these days?

IS: GameCredits has taken a part of the global movement to update our monetary system with solutions to transactions and bringing the ease of gaming to a wider audience. The GameCredits team is everywhere, we are almost in every country in the world and  experiencing a surge of new users in China as we speak, which is a new market for us since a few days.

CT: How would you call the TurboCharged version that is being released on 15 of Dec? Is it a public beta?

IS: Yes, we can call it that way as it is a very new concept, but we are very particular in releasing the product that is fully functional to make sure our user experience is constantly improving, in that context we can call it Public Beta.

CT: Is it already possible for programmers to adopt GMC as a currency in their projects? Is there an API available?

IS: We are focused on engaging gaming developers and creating a fast and reliable API and wallet service. Using our API, all transactions take place instantaneously using our online wallet platform.

CT: Why should a developer choose GMC instead of Bitcoin? What is different? There must be something that Bitcoin can't do and that GMC can, to attract developers to it.

IS: We use the Scrypt algorithm for GMC mining, which has significant advantage of lower power consumption in comparison to Bitcoin. GMC’s 90 second block time guarantees fast transactions even outside of our wallet system, no more waiting 2 hours to confirm payment. Instant transfer of funds through the web using the GMC wallet within the gaming system. These are few of the advantages that we are bringing to the cryptomarkets.

CT: It's interesting, but if it's that easy to make fast transactions, why wasn't it implemented in Bitcoin? With such a low block time, aren't you scared by the volume of data, when the traffic will increase?

IS: No we are not scared of the volume of data.

CT: If the GameCredits project will take off, you can expect hundreds of microtransactions per second. The number of transactions per block was already an issue in recent months in Bitcoin. Can you explain in few words, how GameCredits solved this problem?

IS: As far as I know transaction times for Bitcoin vary… GMC's block time allow for consistently lower TX times. In essence we have build our platform on a very solid ground and have accounted for such possibilities. Honestly that is what we are hoping will happen at one point, as it would translate into big demand but first of all would give us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

The short time is actually likely to limit block size more effectively than a longer time. In ten minutes, thousands of transactions are posted, many of which do not make it into the next block because of the limits. Our per block limit is the same, and every 90 seconds those waiting transactions are processed. A faster time, in my opinion, actually solves the network traffic problem. Even the so called "stress tests" that some jackasses keep making demonstrate this. It would not clog our network up with hour-long block times, and most of those spam transactions would process. And yes, I realize I just dropped the gauntlet there, but I think we can handle it.

CT: That’s interesting, I’m curious why the Bitcoin core devs aren’t considering it though. However, once the GameCredits network receives wide recognition, there will be a huge amount of microtransactions, that will make its blockchain grow enormously.

IS: And so will we!