If the company’s jobs site is any indication, Twitter has been openly hiring for security positions in the months leading up to this week’s notorious hack.

According to the company’s job search, Twitter posted several key job descriptions pertaining to company security two months ago. The company was (and still seems to be) hiring for a senior infrastructure security engineer, senior security engineer, two senior application security engineers and staff product manager for security and data protection among several others.

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A job description for one of these positions focuses on the reduction of security risks across the company:

“As a Security Engineer, you'll join a team of engineers working to reduce security risk across the company. We work collaboratively with other teams to identify risks with security impact to the company, communicate that impact to teams and management, and engineer solutions.”

Another job posting emphasizes proper response to cybersecurity threats:

“When performing investigations into suspicious activity, your skills will help us to analyze events to figure out “what happened," document our findings, and determine the best course of remediation.”

Meanwhile, Twitter has not yet disclosed to the public what vulnerability was exploited by the hackers. Cointelegraph has reached out to Twitter for comment, but has not received a response in time for publication.