The BitTorrent network principles are very similar to the basic rules of bitcoin – the sharing of information is decentralized, the users are protected with randomly generated symbol lines being mostly the only identification criterion, and, the most important - there is no one who regulates the environment. The information – pictures, video, audio, program files and everything that can be shared is obtained from several sources, but no authority can determine the process. The main problem addressed by many state and private organizations is the copyright – often the network is used to provide illegal content to the users. The level of its legality drops as it can be harmful, contain prohibited information and, of course, present some file for download bringing money losses to the owner or creator.

To be part of the Torrent network software is applicable – install a client and start publishing and receiving. One of such clients – the FrostWire BitTorrent – is developing a new feature, which will allow users to make anonymous donations to the uploader or initial seeder of a preferred file. The principles of both networks are peer-to-peer that makes the integration of a new tool technically possible and even rather easy. At the moment the biggest portal for torrent, The Pirate Bay, accepts donations in bitcoin.

The process of donating a little simplified will look like following: the creator of the torrent file can embed a wallet address together with other relevant information about the file provided to download. The user might suggest an amount of donation, but it can be created with FrostWire software, not any other similar client. The software will attach an icon of the coin to the file to inform the users on the possibility of donating. By clicking it the client will open the bitcoin relevant software of the donator or provide a QR code to him.

The next update of the feature might bring the client closer toward creating of some kind bitcoin wallet system. The idea seems to the developers innovative as it widens the horizons of the network. Now, the Torrent world should become more attractive to users willing to share their own content and to receive material support for their work.

However, the current image of the BitTorrent clients and platform is rather negative. The developers from FrostWire are ready to undergo criticism. The good idea might become a tool to gain money for intellectual property that does not belong to them. Angel Leon form the company says that this possibility will be carefully checked and presented to honest distributors the initial owners of content. The expert Kyt Dotson says that the addition of a bitcoin related option to the software of the torrent network will just make the image of the service worse. The attitude from MPAA and RIAA is not that easy to change. They prefer to collect payments for copyright infringement than allowing persons to do it yourself.

The current stage of the development of the add-on includes the consulting phase with BEP. The result will be openly published as a press release for users and other developers. Observing the option in general, it seems to be a good idea for creative people to receive support for their hard and exclusive work without any institutions between them and the audience.