Augur, the Ethereum-based prediction market platform, has selected Airbitz for accounts services, bringing Edge Security to Ethereum.

It will enable a highly secure and user-friendly account creation process, along with automatic encryption, backup and synchronization that will make Augur feel like a traditional website for the end-user.

This solution could be the world’s first for interacting with blockchains.

Joey Krug, Core Developer at Augur, says:

"One of the biggest usability issues with decentralized apps at the moment is that there's no good way to store private keys and account data without resorting to a centralized server: Airbitz solves this problem for Augur.”  

Joey Krug, Core Developer at Augur

Teaming up with blockchain security experts Airbitz

Augur has raised over $5.3 million in crowdfunding to date for its decentralized prediction market which allows trading virtual shares for the outcome of events happening in the real world to win real money in the event of a correct outcome. The price of shares fluctuates over time as more people buy into the outcome. 

Airbitz plans to bring Edge Security to many more apps for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and beyond. It’s been developing its Edge Security Platform since it was founded in 2014.

Many Bitcoin users are familiar with its mobile app. Its focus is on consumer and enterprise apps that face data security and consumer protection challenges, as Edge Security helps to reduce the liability of storing sensitive user data to nearly zero while simultaneously improving the user experience of account security for end users.

Enhancing security and accessibility of decentralized apps

The partnership between Airbitz and Augur will lead to the deployment of the Airbitz Edge Security Platform.

This will enable Augur to have a highly secure and user-friendly account creation process, automatic encryption, backup, and synchronization to make end users feel like they are using a traditional website.

Paul Puey, Airbitz Co­founder/CEO, says:

"Call it a prediction, but when fully released, Augur will have with the most seamless account creation, encryption, backup, and synchronization process in the industry, as well as close integration with Airbitz accounts."

Paul Puey,  Co­founder & CEO at Airbitz

The Edge Security Platform enhances more accessibility to a mainstream audience while still ensuring that the user remains in sole control of their private data.

Jack Peterson, Core Developer at Augur, explains:

"We want Augur to be just like using a regular website, from the user's point of view. Our partnership with Airbitz is a big step towards this goal: users will have the option to use a more traditional accounts system, instead of having to manually manage their cryptographic keys."