The United States Association Football Leagues announced at the end of December that the organization would begin to accept Bitcoin payment from club supporters and vendors.

The goal of the US-AFL is to include “all qualifying clubs from a grass roots regional level all the way up to a professional level.”

Association football (“soccer” in America, “football” almost everywhere else) in the US does not enjoy the national-level popularity it does in many other countries, but it is pervasive at the community and school levels.

The US-AFL’s plan for Bitcoin adoption “may give club supporters and vendors an attractive alternative to contribute to the success of the league. Besides this, potential vendors, who’ll do business with the league and its clubs, may consider taking Bitcoin as an alternative way of exchanging goods and services.”

In short, it’s being viewed as an opportunity to facilitate further support for the association. That said, the US-AFL warns members and vendors to be cautious with the digital currency, as Bitcoin is “like any new tool you use in your profession.

More information is promised in the organization’s upcoming newsletters.