Disney has come out with a wanted ad for an intern to work on its private blockchain. Companies in diverse sectors, not just financial services, are taking notice of the blockchain and everybody seems to love it!

Trustless in Seattle

The position advertised has been for an intern at the Disney Private Blockchain within the DTSS (Disney Technology Solutions and Services) business unit.

The project involves designing and implementing an access control mechanism using an open ledger and blockchain framework for Disney Corporate, ABC, ESPN, Disney Interactive, and Walt Disney Productions.

For those who think that this might be your dream job at the happiest place on Earth, please note that the job opening is at Seattle and not Disneyland. The listing has now been removed from Disney's job portal, indicating that it might have been filled.

New apps for Disneyland

While this particular role is for implementing access control solutions in specific companies of Disney, blockchain can find applications in a theme park environment as well.

Disney currently has a MagicBand which lets staff know the names of customers within a distance of 40 feet, using radio transmitters. Through the use of blockchain technology, all customer data as well as payments/tokens for rides could flow smoothly and securely through the entire system. Disney has been at the forefront of using technology at theme parks and it won't be surprising if a blockchain-based solution is implemented at Disneyland as well.

Blockchain wedding

This isn't the first connection that Disney has with the blockchain. Way back in 2014, the first blockchain wedding took place at Disneyland, Florida.  David Mondrus and Joyce Bayo registered their  wedding agreement on the blockchain, eliminating the role of both religious and government officials.

The opening for a blockchain intern at Disney illustrates that banks and financial institutions are no longer the only companies looking at blockchain solutions. The blockchain can find applications in any industry where records need to be securely maintained and processed – whether they be land records, medical records or shipping records. We can expect companies in other industries to follow Disney's lead and start looking at blockchain solutions in the near future.