Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway will find itself at a Blockchain conference on Friday thanks to a joint venture in Omaha.

The New Kids On The Blockchain conference, organized by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and the Greater Omaha Chamber (GOC), will coincide with the giant’s Berkshire Hathaway Week and Omaha Startup Week.

In a press release, GOC Business Development Manager Marco Floreani said the timing was designed to bring Blockchain exposure to Berkshire attendees.

“We’ve been wanting to have Berkshire week be a larger event for people in the community beyond those that are just shareholders to Berkshire Hathaway,” he said.

“We thought [New Kids on the Blockchain] would be a great opportunity to align [Berkshire Hathaway] with our Startup week.”

Berkshire Founder Warren Buffett has been a vocal derider of Bitcoin, calling the former a “mirage” earlier this year.

Berkshire has been notably quiet on the issue of Blockchain, yet the Omaha event participants continue to hint at the hope that Friday’s commingling will produce suitable food for thought.

“We believe the opportunity exists for Omaha to be a hub for blockchain technology, given our low cost of living, our city’s history with finance including Berkshire Hathaway... and the technology talent in the area,” said Brian Poppe, VC of innovation strategy at Mutual of Omaha, a corporate attendee.

“Applied correctly, it could transform a lot of processes across the industry. Right now, we’re brainstorming internal use cases, while keeping an eye on the industry developments.”

Buffett nonetheless recently noted that both traders and investors are continually trying to get one up on the market by investing in innovative or disruptive opportunities, which in turn tend to produce the best profit margins.