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Web3 game Golden Egg Wonderland received a major update with new features, in-game characters and a way to exchange Golden Egg NFTs for physical golden eggs.

Web3 gaming has become one of the most popular sectors of the blockchain ecosystem, providing a medium for other blockchain-based technologies, such as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi), to proliferate as well. Attracting more than one-third of the total blockchain activity, the Web3 gaming space has spawned numerous interesting innovations over the last couple of years.

The most prominent trend within Web3 gaming turned out to be play-to-earn (P2E), where players can collect in-game tokens and NFTs that hold real-life value. Over time, P2E gaming saw many different iterations, and the new play-for-gold (P4G) approach expands Web3 gaming beyond the digital universe.

The FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project introduced the P4G gameplay with its new title Golden Egg Wonderland, a game where players can capture and raise birds to obtain and hatch NFT eggs. The Web3 game received a beta update recently, adding a bunch of new features and in-game characters while releasing details on how to exchange the Golden Egg NFT for real gold.

What’s new in the game?

The beta version comes with new features, bug fixes, game balance adjustments and a tutorial explaining each function to help new users get acquainted with the game.

At the heart of Golden Egg Wonderland lies the aspiration to acquire birds that can lay golden eggs. With the beta version, the game introduces over 10 new characters ranging from normal, rare and super-rare scarcities, all designed by the artistic hand of Kamerian.

The game features beautifully designed birds part of the latest release of the platform. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

The game features beautifully designed birds part of the latest release of the platform. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

Named after the game artist Turtlen, an in-game painter from a rural village who is crucial to the game’s story, the birds featured in the gameplay are called Turtoris. The designs for these characters may also be the result of collaborations with famous athletes and artists in the future.

The beta version brings the ability to safeguard birds by placing them in the bird box, preventing accidental minting and unintended gifting. The birds housed in the bird box can participate in breeding activities, including breeding activity with friends, set to be added in Phase 2 of the game release. Bird boxes will initially be limited to four, but users will be able to purchase additional boxes with in-game diamonds, which can be purchased with FRTS Coins.

Players can find eggs and Turtoris in “My Collection” divided into tabs to present a better viewing experience. The MINT function, which allows users to obtain NFT eggs and Turtoris in “My Collection” and exhibit them in the NFT marketplace, has also been improved with the incorporation of a dialogue box and explanatory text for a better user experience. The option to turn on or off audio and language settings, including English and Japanese — with more to come — has also been added.

The home screen of Golden Egg Wonderland. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

The home screen of Golden Egg Wonderland. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

How does play-for-gold (P4G) work in Golden Egg Wonderland?

The game acts as the next step in the evolution of P2E gaming in the form of “play-for-gold.” This concept introduces real-world gold rewards to gaming thanks to a partnership between the FRUITS project and Tanzanian gold CIP plants and refineries.

The patent-pending technology allows players to exchange Golden Egg NFTs with the same serial number obtained in the game for real-life golden eggs. The management of physical gold is traceable on the blockchain with a 24-hour live feed, allowing users to see the status of their collateral gold holdings any time they wish. The detailed roadmap released on Golden Egg Wonderland's website offers additional details about the project’s upcoming releases and features.

How play-for-gold works. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

How play-for-gold works. Source: Golden Egg Wonderland

Golden Egg Wonderland provides players with various options for obtaining Golden Egg NFTs. Hatching eggs is the first method for players to acquire Golden Egg NFTs, which can also be bought from the NFT marketplace. Golden Egg NFTs can be exchanged for physical gold eggs with the same serial number. This approach certifies the value of the gold collateral using NFTs, enabling the digital trade of gold value without holding physical gold.

Each issued Golden Egg NFT possesses a unique serial number, enabling linked physical golden eggs to be exchanged at Golden Egg NFT Exchanges in the real world, which are scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2024, around the same time as the release of the official mobile versions.

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