Weekend Roundup: Institutional Investments for BTC Companies, Default Multisig for Brawker Users, and More Regulatory Nonsense

1. Wedbush Securities Announces Partnership with Buttercoin

A Wall Street investment firm has agreed to partner with Buttercoin, Carlo Caraluzzo reported Tuesday, perhaps symbolizing real interest in Bitcoin businesses among Wall Street investors.

"We are impressed with Buttercoin in many regards, notably that it provides reliable, trustworthy and excellent trade execution, and most importantly that it has a US banking relationship," Sheri Kaiserman, Head of Equities at Wedbush Securities, said. "We see cryptocurrency technology as disruptive to the financial services industry as the Internet was to communications."

2. Spanish Bank Invests in Decentralized Exchange Coinffeine

Bankinter, one of the largest commercial banks in Spain, announced it had invested in a Bitcoin exchange, William Suberg reported Monday.

“The investment itself is the ninth in a series in the Entrepreneurship Program of Bankinter’s venture capital firm, the Bankinter Foundation of Innovation, a scheme set up to fund technologically innovative startups in the space.

“Coinffeine, as Cointelegraph reported back in May, is in itself developing new ground within the cryptocurrency exchange sphere by attempting to facilitate P2P transactions without the need of a centralized exchange transaction handler.”

3. Brawker Implements Multisig As Default for Transactions

Brawker, an online platform that lets Bitcoin users buy goods otherwise only available for purchase in fiat money, will now