Weekend Roundup: Russia Wants to Block Crypto Information Outlets, Philippines Votes to Create Digital Currency, and Hackers Steal 15 BTC from CryptoThrift

1. Russian Government Plans to Block Cryptocoin ‘Information Resources’

On Monday, William Suberg reported on the ongoing attempts by the Russian government to hinder cryptocurrency use in the country, which includes blocking access to cryptocurrency information resources.

“In a move which echoes the country’s recent contingency plans to shut off Russian access to the worldwide web in times of crisis, the legislation calls for ‘creating a mechanism to quickly block the information resources used for creation and circulation of surrogate currencies.’

“Specifically, while Bank of Russia’s remit will be to ‘set the protocols for administrative breaches of law related to the issuing and use of surrogate currencies,’ Russia’s Ministry of Communications and Mass Media will ‘block any information facilitating the issuing and use of surrogate currencies,’ according to the summary text of the legislation.”

2. Filipino Lawmakers Vote to Create National Digital Currency

Diana Ngo reported Monday that the Philippines’ legislature had drafted the E-Peso Act 2014, which would create a digital version of the country’s peso.

“Under the bill, E-Peso would become a legal tender and a legal payment method within the Philippines, and would be available in all local banks branches.”

3. 15 BTC Reported Stolen in Hack on CryptoThrift

Ian DeMartino reported Tuesday that online auction site CryptoThrift had just more than 15 bitcoins stolen from a hot wallet that was being used for holding money in escrow.

“The funds, which the company says it will cover, were bein