It is widely believed that people who use Bitcoin generally do so due to its perceived “cloak and dagger” design. Thus, considering the media’s smear campaign and the countless written obituaries, the word “Bitcoin” generally evokes images of terrorists, pedophiles, computer nerds, cyber criminals or a wacky “Bitcoin evangelist” in the minds of the general public.

“Bitcoin is something that evolved out of the cypherpunks,” stated Julian Assange. Meanwhile, popular parody news show host, Stephen Colbert, called Bitcoin “gold for nerds,” and the Bitcoin and the Charity of Violent Physical Struggle blog stated that Bitcoin “allows our brothers stuck outside of the ardh Dawlatul-Islam to avoid government taxes [and] secretly fund the mujahideen with no legal danger upon them."

But how accurate are these stereotypes? Now, you can find out.

So would you be interested in pilfering some bitcoins from a poorly-secured hot wallet? Spreading your faith across the globe through physical struggle? How about browsing the Dark Market for their latest offerings?

Complete this survey and find out what type of Bitcoin user YOU are.

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