Looking on the surface of the matter anyone could easily come to the answer that bitcoin is the matter uniting Silk Road and Satoshi Nakamoto. The last has given birth to this popular crypto currency, the other received payment in coins. No doubt – the answer is correct. Looking deeper a little bit deeper will allow us making a new conclusion including the same three players – the developers, the black market player and the currency, but drawing different kind of line between them.

So everyone reading this article will understand what we are chatting about is necessary to explain who are all those people and organizations. I suppose that there is no person who has not heard of the digital or crypto currency bitcoin. Recently it became very popular, many publications considered news from the community of users globally. It is a type of money and payment method that exists only virtually and can be “mined” or emitted with enough CPU working to solve mathematical tasks. The amount bitcoins or BTC is limited and generally it has deflation characteristics. The price for them is growing. The author of the idea and basic principles is Satoshi Nakamoto in the early 2008. Nothing has been heard about him since 2010. It might be a single person or a group of developers using the name as a nickname or pseudonym on the Internet. There are rumors that the first several wallets registered belong to him.

The Silk Road is an online shop. It is a very interesting member of the black market. It offers stuff from children toys from Mattel up to 300 types of drugs. Not to mention weapons, some services like murder or blackmail offered by specialists of these criminal brunches. Recently the founder was sized by the FBI, the page – terminated. Still new were coming to replace the missing link.

Some researchers from Israel were capable to determine that recently one of the wallets of Satoshi Nakamoto was used to transfer a big amount of bitcoins – 1000 to the wallets of the Silk Road. Simply he was the investor. The amount is really huge – currently 1 bitcoin is worth about a 1000 dollars (depends on the exchange service and country). This amount is bigger that the amount of transactions of the page. Further research shows that this account accumulated about 77600 BTC, more than 64 million dollars. Imagine that Nakamoto has continued to mine from the very beginning and not to forget – has several wallets.

Now two questions have to be cleared – why such and investment was made in Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road that has terribly ended his business at least for several years? Why not to develop an own idea and introduce a new currency to become rich in a so short period of time?