As the debate surrounding the impact of major blockchains on the environment continues, an energy-efficient blockchain is releasing an eco-friendly NFT collection designed to reduce carbon emissions.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange says Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs will make their debut in August 2021.

For every dollar that is “composted,” the National Forest Foundation is going to plant one tree sapling, each of which will offset an average of one tonne of CO2 over their lifetime.

WAX co-founder William Quigley said: “WAX is officially setting higher standards for responsibility across the blockchain. We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure our blockchain is both energy efficient and inspires our community to act.”

Giving customers choice

The collection features four pack sizes, five tree designs and six rarities — this translates to 30 NFT variations for crypto enthusiasts to discover.

Each pack contains cards with a specific dollar value — ranging from $1 to $100. Whereas a $1 card means that one tree will be planted, a $100 version would ensure 100 trees are planted.

The least expensive pack available is the Get Planting pack. At $19.99, it features five $1 cards and three $5 cards. By contrast, the Save the Planet pack at $199.99 boasts ten $1 cards, four $5 cards, two $10 cards, one $50 card and one $100 card.

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This type of digital asset is known as a vIRL, an asset class that WAX launched in 2018 to ensure that consumer product companies could link NFTs to physical items and services.

Trees are going to be planted as soon as a vIRL is redeemed — and once the card is composted, it will cease to exist.

Unlike other NFT collections, Carbon Offset vIRL NFTs are unlimited, giving collectors the freedom to buy packs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a purchase is made, collectors are given the freedom to collect, trade, and gift cards as they’d like.

An exciting launch

WAX has previously made headlines by facilitating the trade of more than 100 million digital collectibles — ranging from assets linked to Major League Baseball and Capcom’s Street Fighter to creations by world-renowned artists including deadmau5 and Weezer.

As well as fostering a unique and creative way for humans to interact with digital collectibles on the blockchain, the brand says that it wants to drive home “the irrefutable importance of healing the planet.”

The project said: “The only way for the industry to thrive is for us all to take responsibility together. This includes innovating smarter technologies, curbing emissions, and investing in plant life for clean, oxygen-rich air.”

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