A crypto-powered freelancing platform has attracted a wealth of positive testimonials from businesses that have bought professional services through the site.

AnyTask connects entrepreneurs with thousands of talented designers, photographers, writers and developers worldwide — and prices start from as little as $1.

And according to the company, this lower price point hasn’t been at the expense of quality, with many clients revealing they have been delighted at the levels of service they received.

Kern Thompson, a marketer from the Netherlands, said all six of the freelancers he has worked with completed his projects with aplomb — and five of them “went the extra mile” by offering him extra information and value without him even asking.

"AnyTask has become very useful to me. Their freelancers are highly reliable and are a great asset to me because I can dedicate my time to focus on what I am an expert on, and have AnyTask freelancers do those tasks for which I lack skills and expertise,” he added.

Better than rival platforms

Luke Ryans, an online retailer in the U.K., said that, in his experience, freelancers on AnyTask are more competitive and work harder to land repeat customers.

“When you hire a freelancer on AnyTask you are ensuring they get paid fairly, and they do on AnyTask because they don't pay fees or commissions like on Fiverr where they pay 20% of their sales to the firm and then another fee to PayPal,” he explained.

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The fact that the site is socially responsible hasn’t stopped AnyTask from delivering one of the biggest perks associated with freelancing sites: a network of hard-working people who are available around the clock. Since February 2020, almost 570,000 people have registered on the website.

“AnyTask is the only freelance platform I've ever used, and it is the only one I will continue using. I believe this website has everything you need, and it looks out for both buyers and sellers,” Italian entrepreneur Luca Bonati, who has run his company for 27 years, said.

‘A powerful tool for small businesses’

Paul Homewood, a marketing expert based in London, believes freelancing sites can help small businesses gain a competitive edge. As night falls in the U.K., work can continue on the other side of the world — boosting productivity and enabling companies to deliver results far faster than was possible before.

They can also provide a powerful insurance policy when things go wrong. Small businesses know all too well that projects can suffer setbacks if an employee falls ill, or if a deadline is suddenly brought forward. AnyTask says it gives these companies a pipeline of talent that’s always on — minimizing disruption and enabling them to receive a helping hand when they need it most.

Before the pandemic took hold, a survey by Bunny Studio revealed more businesses than ever were turning to freelancers. Not only do startups value the ability to onboard highly skilled workers quickly, but other benefits included being able to overcome geographical and administrative barriers — all while cutting down on hiring and overhead costs.

At the time, Electroneum CEO Richard Ells said: “We have also found that people purchasing tasks from freelancers on AnyTask do so because of how easy it is to find experts for specific projects. Freelance platforms also provide businesses with local talent in countries where they have or plan to have a presence.”

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