Two new projects have joined the wagon for those banking on the Ethereum smart contract feature to bring their concept to their intended users.

Of late, there have been suggestions that the second most valuable crypto network will blossom beyond expectation in the coming months. SuperDAO and Matchpool appear to be working to be a part of this evolution just like several other projects like Swarm and Colony.

Ola Ajayi is the founder of SuperDAO, a decentralized governance system that enables the collaboration of innovators and communities into strong thriving forces. He says:

“We chose to go on the Ethereum platform early 2014 when we discovered the generalized computing capabilities of the Ethereum EVM based Blockchain and its 14 sec block time plans as compared to the NXT platform which we were already prototyping on.”

Crowd dynamics obstacles

It is built to use a multi - tiered hybrid approach to address the problem of leveraging products by traditional startups and problems typical DAOs face due to the inherent disadvantages of crowd dynamics such as lower efficiency from diffusion of responsibility or voting apathy.

Pokereum is the first SuperDAO dapp that provides a provably fair solution to the mental poker problem using smart contracts as a component of a multi-faceted solution.

Ajayi adds in the email:

“Nxt had only a few "transaction types" and it was cutting edge at its peak with a 60 sec block time. The core team working on the NXT platform at the time had plans for smart contracts but decided it was not worth pursuing. Ethereum obviously proved that wrong and we had to make a decision.”

Matchmaking Blockchained

For the founder of the cryptocurrency-backed matchmaking platform Matchpool, Ethereum was chosen because “it is the most secure smart contract that exists today.”

Yonatan Ben Shimon, who also states in an email to Cointelegraph that his platform wants to democratize this world, is depending on the Ethereum smart contracts for its ability to handle the trust-sensitive ownership and reward structures and the core game logic which makes it work.

Matchpool aims to revolutionize the age-old tradition of matchmaking - which involves one person introducing two separate people who share common values to one another - by taking it online with a purpose of creating a connection that would last for as long as it would as if they were to meet in person. The matchmaker will be rewarded for the role that would be based on agreed rules set for the group handled by each matchmaker.  

The two platforms have tokens. Matchpool will start its ICO crowd sale in late March, while SuperDAO will start later this month. In the meantime, the story of Ethereum continues to unfold especially for its projected power to transform entire industries.