Cointelegraph speaks to Canadian Bitcoiner Kyle Kemper about the Social Wallet, a nonprofit that hopes to digitize every aspect of a physical wallet, money, services, and identity.

Friendly finance

Kyle Kemper: Since this started, so many people have chipped in here and there. Brooks Hunter has been doing videos for 15 years, and was behind that Vimeo video.

My friend Paget is a genius creative advertiser, and created the “Turn IOU's into I<3U's" idea along with “friendly finance”.

Judd Weiss, John McAfee's VP choice, is a brilliant sales and communicator, and him and I talked for hours in Bel Aire about how to make the app so frictionless that people will pay their friends back with fiat and the receiver will get bitcoin.

Alessandro Voto from the Institute for the Future and I had dinner to discuss what this means and we went on for hours.

I looked over their site and this passage validated what we were on to, and was fresh wind in my sails. Jay Wilmott’s law firm just offered pro-bono full service, and last week, an IP lawyer did the same.

The people from are advising as well. People from all sorts of different industries want to help once they understand the scope.

Kyle Kemper, Creator of Social Wallet

Art and Wikipedia

Cointelegraph: How do you plan to make the project known to people?

KK: We've got makers, musicians, painters, graphics artists, sculptors, actors etc. all over the place ready to help.

Most of them have never heard of Bitcoin, but are ready to use it once it becomes usable, and that’s what our product will do. Toni Lane and I talked at length about this all too.

She gets it and is so in tune with art and culture that people like her can help bring bitcoin to these communities.

The art below was done by @MastroNYC on Instagram in Wynwood - the building owner was cool with it.

The Wikipedia comparison is a really key concept towards understanding what we're going after.

So many people ask me how the project is going to make money, and when I say donations, a lot of people are skeptical, because the idea of giving away your money is a hard sell.

But when I reference Wikipedia, and how they offer people value and they ask for a donation, not force one, they understand.

If you would like to donate to the project, the campaign can be found here. However, Kyle has decided to remove the project for the moment to relaunch soon. His reasons can be found here.