Windows 10 could be a threat to Bitcoin users’ privacy; Genesis Mining leaves New York over BitLicense; Envestnet acquires Yodlee for US$590 million and more top stories for August 13.

Windows 10 could be a Serious Threat to Bitcoin Privacy

The recently unveiled Windows 10 could turn out to be a serious threat to Bitcoin users’ privacy. Apparently, traffic analysis done on the operating system has revealed that it enables unauthorized and continuous transmission of data from personal computers to external servers.

If this is the case, then using Bitcoin through your device could expose your transactions to external surveillance.

Genesis Mining Joins the Exodus from New York Over BitLicense

Genesis Mining, a cloud mining company, has announced in a blog post that it is leaving New York. It is the latest company choosing to exit the state instead of complying with the BitLicense. The company has declared that it is blocking anyone with a New York IP address from accessing its services.

Part of the announcement reads:

"While advocates for the BitLicense say they want to protect consumers, what the act really does is stifle innovation. It’s complex, expensive, and comes with a set of guidelines that make it nearly impossible for any startup to comply with."

Police Seek Help to Arrest Dutch Supermarket Bomber Demanding Bitcoin Ransom

A person or persons have been planting explosives in Supermarkets and demanding ransom in bitcoin in the Netherlands. Now the country’s police are appealing to the public to come forward with any relevant information to help with the investigation.

According to the police, the first attacks took place in May in the city of Groening to the north of the country. Subsequent incidences have been reported in the months of June and July in other towns and cities across the region.

Bitcoin Startup Zebpay Enters Mobile Payment Business

Zebpay app users can now recharge their mobile airtime and data using Bitcoin. The Indian Ahmedabad-based Bitcoin startup also plans to start a mobile e-commerce marketplace. Initially, Zebpay's wallet users could only buy, sell and transact in bitcoins only. Zebpay co-founder, Saurabh Agrawal:

"Currently, we pay the companies in rupees after accepting bitcoin from the Zebpay app users." 

Envestnet Acquires Yodlee at $590 Million in 2nd Largest Fintech Deal of 2015

Financial solutions provider Envestnet has acquired Yodlee, a financial software company and data aggregator platform, for around US$590 million.

Yodlee has over 45 million users, and is well known for its account / financial data aggregation platform which allows users to see their credit card statements, bank statements, investment portfolio, email, travel reward accounts, etc. on one screen.

Envestnet Acquires Yodlee at $590 Million in 2nd Largest Fintech Deal of 2015 Claims it 'Could Have Caught Silk Road Founder in Days', a new blockchain startup has claimed that its software could have tracked down and identified Silk Road mastermind Dread Pirate Roberts in a matter of days.

The startup was one of 42 companies that were unveiled at 500 Startups' demo day in San Francisco on Tuesday. CEO David Berger:

"Law enforcement has been and continues to be our partner in the development of this technology. They've shared their needs with us and we're building solutions to meet those needs. Our technology enables them to do their very important work."

HashPlex has Unveiled Lightning Network Implementation

On Wednesday HashPlex, a miner hosting company, unveiled an alpha Lightning Network hub implementation. The project seeks to create an off-blockchain network that would support super-fast transactions and thus boost Bitcoin scalability.

HashPlex Founder Bernard Rihn:

“As of today, our hub could be made secure on the Bitcoin testnet with the Blockstream extensions that they call 'alpha net' (which allow for things like Lightning and Sidechains).”

HashPlex has Unveiled Lightning Network Implementation

Paper: How to Make Positives of Smart Contracts Outweigh the Negatives

Ari Juels, a cryptographer and professor at Cornell Tech, Professor Elaine Shi, and University of Maryland researcher Ahmed Kosba are set to publish a paper on how smart contracts should be made to benefit society and not open floodgates to crime.

Professor Elaine Shi:

“We are optimistic about their beneficial applications, but crime is something that is going to have to be dealt with in an effective way if those benefits are to bear fruit.”