This week the Status Global Hackathon announced the winners of this year’s competition. The winners take home a divided pot of $28,000 worth of Ether.

The competition pits different teams together (160) to see who is able to develop the best mobile experiences for Ethereum. The teams were judged based on technical achievement, originality and creativity, as well as being useful. The competition is important because it represents the future of R&D for Ethereum.

The teams were required to build DApps using different web languages. Most chose to work with iOS and Android, but some also dove into the Solidity language that undergirds Ethereum.

The winners of this year’s competition (and $10,000) developed an app called “WhoPays,” built with an API and utilizing the features that the API offers. The structure itself also contained beautiful code and a very smooth UI with a fresh new look. The app offers users a way to track group expenses.

Second place was taken home by a group who built and animated an app to allow for sending and receiving favors, and third place was taken by a universal liking and disliking service for social media. Both of these were flawless for Ethereum.

Regardless of whoever wins these events, the progression in understanding how Ethereum can be used is gaining momentum.