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In his 2017 book, What We Think about When We Think about Soccer, English philosopher Simon Critchley elucidates what it is about soccer that can give it such a hold over people. There are the social aspects, the sense that supporters share a heritage of moments lived through together. But more powerful than that, perhaps, is the way the experience of the game transforms the experience of the everyday.

With the crown jewel of sporting competitions already heating up, blockchain network Transient is introducing a revolutionary approach to the traditional sportsbook. The Transient “Splash Sports” dApp, has replaced the bookmaker-based sportsbook with a community-driven approach in which users decide what they want to make predictions on.

How is Splash Sports different from traditional prediction sites? What advantages do users have in the Splash Sports model as opposed to regular sportsbooks?

Each time you create a pool or place a prediction on Splash, you are either creating or entering into a blockchain-driven smart contract - unlike a bookmaker, once your prediction is placed, it stands - no ifs or buts about it.

How many times have you gone to check out a market for an upcoming esports or traditional sports event and found it wasn’t available - with Splash, you choose your own adventure. With the thousands of data points and outcomes that you can create with Splash, you decide if you want a straightforward single outcome pool or a multi-pool with as many as 10 outcomes.


Splash is positioned as a more social kind of sportsbook, where users are in control. How does that work?

One of our slogans is: challenge your mates, not the bookmaker’s margin. To operate, every bookmaker applies a margin to their odds - that’s where their profit comes from.

Splash pools remove that issue - you challenge your close mates or the broader Transient community and share in the prizes based on those who choose the right outcome. The more you think your prediction will salute, the more TSCT you add to the pool.

What made you realize that a platform like yours was needed?

The number of centralized sportsbooks that only have a margin at heart is ever growing - we want our Splash users to experience a socially backed prediction platform where they can wager on whatever they want.

How did you decide which data providers to use as oracles?

We look for the biggest and best offerings out there. We use some of the same providers (Gamescorekeeper for Esports and Sportradar for Sports) as the big players because we want to offer our users the best array of sports and markets out there.

What platform goals do you have for the next 12 months?

Constant improvements of our Splash product suite, offering more markets, more interactions, and more content, will be a common theme over the next 12 months.


Refinement and repositioning of Transient’s business dApps will also happen with a focus on extending Transient into pure crypto use cases. Our multi-chain Swap n Go dApp is in the MVP phase, bringing Transient’s incredible user interface and experience to the fore for users wanting to swap their tokens across any chain they want.

Who do you think will win the 2022 World Cup?

Argentina - with Lionel Messi looking to secure his dream as World Champion and Cristian Romero shoring up the defense, the South American juggernaut looks hard to beat.

Will there be any special contests or offerings on Splash Sports in connection with the World Cup?

We’ve been looking forward to the World Cup and have scheduled the release of Splash Sports to maximize the experience for our holders and soon-to-be users of Transient’s Splash product suite - there will be giveaways, promotions, and a heap of above-the-line attention to ensure the dApp launch makes a Splash.

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