It is hard for the people to go online and to reject physical presence of many ordinary things, among them, the wallet. Bitcoin allows people to create, hold and spend money on the Global Network never being able to touch the belonging funds. As people themselves are physical appearances they need real world food, clothes, houses and many other things for comfort and support. Another opportunity to feel the cryptocurrency is at least to create a wallet to carry with.

Previous similar ideas can be found on the Internet and are worth consideration - it is the brain wallet, the startup Kryptokit, a Chrome browser plug-in, the nio Card, a contactless wallet and several other ideas. Charley Lazaro from Ottawa, Canada designed a wallet not only easy to use, but also to be considered as a nice accessory. The wallet in form of a wooden tag with a laser etching allows receiving fund, as it presents the data of the virtual wallet presented by the customer. It is even possible to provide a QR code. It can be carried along on a necklace or a keychain – as the client wishes. The material can also be chosen - bamboo, walnut, curly maple, ash. Lazaro believes that the sign “Made in Canada” also has appeal and symbolizes nature friendly technology.

The company was established only several months ago and received the name “The Woody Co”. Lazaro himself was a follower of the Bitcoin from its early days. He got interested in the currency on its day-spring and got more attentive when the price has risen to 13 dollars around a year ago. Afterwards he was following the news more carefully than before. Analyzing the current situation he believes that the wooden wallet might become and admired and desired item for many coin fans around the world. Currently he provides free-shipping around North America, but the price 9,99$ include all the taxes. A very smart price for a unique and unrepeated concept. Another point to consider is the fact that all the presented items are hand-made, the raw material and the required pieces are hand-selected with love and passion for the work.

Besides the tags Chraley Lazaro produces with his laser engraver machine smartphone cases. Hurry up as his shop offers great discounts on the most provided products. In future perspective the master sees an opportunity to widen the sortiment, but does not provide information on what it could be. Definitely from wood, definitely, hand-made, definitely unique and customer adopted. Of course, do not forget making Your orders - he accepts Bitcoins for his goods with great pleasure.