Cointelegraph has been at Money 20/20 speaking to a huge variety of major names in the cryptocurrency market and beyond.

One name on the lips of many at present is Xapo, a secure Bitcoin storage and payment facilitator which has seen much publicity. From initial praise to recent backlash from community commentators, CSO Ted Rogers talks to Cointelegraph about the challenges of being a standout in the early Bitcoin ecosystem.

Rogers was directly involved in recent developments, but is upbeat about the future and is confident of Xapo’s ability to learn from past mistakes and continue building a unique product.

Rogers expressed his optimism toward the improvements regulators have made in search of understanding the technology, but highlighted that appropriate decisions deserved more time:

"We're making progress on the regulatory side. They're doing a great job trying to understand Bitcoin and make the right calls regarding regulation. As an industry, we need to be patient. It's going to takes some time. [...] I'm optimistic. I think things are moving in the right direction and eventually we'll get to a place where there's an appropriate amount of regulation but not so much so that it stifles innovation."

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