The Blockchain platform NEM has closed a new integration with Malaysian Xhai Studios, which will use it to develop its video game platform services.

Similar to Blockchain use in other entertainment spheres, NEM will allow Xhai to “give flexibility to both the developer and the gamer.”

“We have already completed several games to be put onto a platform that is now being fine-tuned to integrate with the Blockchain application and we hope to be able to roll out our first games using this technology in the coming months,” Otto von Nostitz, President of Xhai Studios, said in a press release Monday.

NEM will help iron out inefficiencies in the delivery chain, such as the need to pay middlemen and payment processors.

“This is accomplished by verifying identity and recording transactions through the use of the NEM Blockchain technology,” the release confirms.

Also being finalized is the direct integration of NEM’s token, XEM, and the accompanying wallet in Xhai’s mobile video games. Players will thereby be able to exchange in-game points for the cryptocurrency.

The move marks a continuation of a successful run for NEM’s developers, who have seen the value of their token reverse its fortunes to rise considerably over the past year.

"NEM has for too long been under the radar and has not been recognized as a serious Blockchain platform by the community in the crypto space,” Foundation President Lon Wong told Cointelegraph in February.

“The fact remains that NEM is one of the best Blockchain platforms available on the market."