BSB (Blue Sky Binary), this week launched their Blockchain Academy. This is in continuation of the Blue Sky Binary Trader University and the Blue Sky FX University which has already trained a few thousands of traders in the past 4 years of its operation.

The Blue Sky Binary team has joined forces with Scott Driscoll, a blockchain expert and Virtual Reality engineer in order to bring to life a course that will serve as a smooth introduction of the everyday person in the fascinating world of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain.

Scott Driscoll is also on the board of, the world’s first broker-less trading platform which is performing their token sale in November 2017. Material from this academy will also be included inside and the Spectre Financial Education Academy (SpecED) in order to educate the traders that are new in the Blockchain space and make them feel at home.

Company name: BSB (Blue Sky Binary)

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Company contacts: Zen Zijlstra