Ontario, Canada: Gencapp, the world’s first geo-commerce platform, designed to include the decentralized internet of things, today announces the pre-release of its Driver App.

Driver differentiates itself from other “ride sharing” or “taxi apps” by presenting users with a fully integrated marketplace for people transportation services. Driver allows Uber, Taxis, and independents alike to compete for the end user’s business. Unlike existing user apps that naturally favour one of the players, Driver is one of the emerging distributed marketplaces that creates a level playing field for all competitors.

Driver adds powerful security features that benefit both the users and the drivers.

  • Geo-Fencing of the route – Any significant deviation from the agreed route causes a notification to be sent to the user’s mobile phone.  If the user does not confirm the notification a secondary notification is sent to a designated person, with a link to real-time tracking of the user’s position.
  • Arrival Time – If the user does not arrive on time (within a predetermined, allowable variation), the designated person is notified.
  • General broadcast alert – If either the Geo-fencing or Arrival Time alerts are sent, or both the user and driver’s phones are switched off, the user’s location will be posted on the general Gencapp map to allow other Gencapp or Driver users to lend assistance if they are nearby.
  • Smart Contracts – Rides are captured in smart contracts, to prevent either the user or the driver from financial abuse such as additional charges or refusing to pay a fare.
  • Identity Verification – Gencapp’s social verification background check can be utilized by users and drivers to ensure they know who they are dealing with.

The notification features can also be set by the user to alert local emergency services as to possible problems.

The Gencapp Driver App requires the user to indicate the pickup and end-destinations on the local map when requesting a ride. The user is then presented with the competing drivers, showing they type of driver (Uber, Licensed Taxi or Independent), along with their bid prices and available times. The user can then make a selection. The driver is notified and can accept or reject, or negotiate the fare.

Drivers enter their profiles, including their initial fare, and a pricing table based on distance and/or time. An estimation algorithm then calculates and presents the fare for any requested rides.

About Gencapp

Gencapp is a distributed marketplace for services, developed by Vision Ears, Inc. Gencapp utilizes leading technologies including blockchain, geo-location and cryptography to offer an advanced, peer-to-peer marketplace. Service providers are only charged a modest flat fee, and no transaction charges. Gencapp is currently in Alpha stage, and is being released to market within the coming weeks.


Company name: Vision Ears Inc.
Company site: www.gencapp.com
Company contacts: Kyle Langlois
Email: [email protected]