Octaloop has announced Metamorphosis 2022, India’s largest crypto gala in Bangalore this Nov. 19 and 20. As one of the world’s forges of software development, India has the potential for immense contribution to the blockchain arena.

Over the last few years, Octaloop has been mobilizing the nation’s vast developer community, conducting the India Blockchain Tour, hosting meetups and events across all major cities in India this year.

The crypto space has been through a lot this year. As an industry that runs heavily on sentiment, the string of negative news over the last few months has hit the community hard. However, industry veterans will know that this is a natural part of crypto’s boom-bust cycles.


As a Web3 marketing and consulting firm, Octaloop understands that bear markets are periods of less hype and more building. It’s when the most innovative projects are born. India is going through a rocky discussion with regard to crypto regulation, and there’s no time like the present to get the industry’s most influential leaders in a room to discuss the future of blockchain in India.

India has a huge market for crypto, and Metamorphosis 2022’s partners Poloniex (one of the oldest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges in the world) and BitCasino (the world’s first licensed crypto casino) are eager to join the discussion. As the Web3 space evolves, the need for better infrastructure is increasing by the day, and hackathon partner Phala Network, a privacy-preserving cloud service on the Polkadot network, is also tapping into the nation’s talent pool to build out its vision.

Metamorphosis is a celebration of India’s crypto community, bringing over 1000 attendees, industry leaders and a slew of activities including a crypto arcade, an investor showcase and more. Tickets are available now. For more information on how to get involved, head over to the site.

About Octaloop

Octaloop is a blockchain consulting and marketing firm founded by Anupam Varshney, a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and thought leader in the Indian blockchain space. Besides working with some of the biggest brands in the Web3 arena, Octaloop also hosts physical and online events catering primarily to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals and businesses.

The team is also building Binamite, a solution that brings frictionless crypto payments to businesses and contractors. Binamite gives businesses the flexibility to pay using their preferred payment method while letting contractors choose how much of their pay they would like to split between fiat and cryptocurrencies.