We are excited to announce the launch of the SwissBorg yield wallets — a smart, simple and secure way for investors to earn yields on their favorite crypto tokens. The rollout of SwissBorg’s USD Coin (USDC) yield wallet began in December 2020, and the feature is now available to all SwissBorg app users.

SwissBorg offers two categories of yield wallets — Smart Yield, and the CHSB Yield Program, each of which has different mechanisms for calculating a yield.

Earn up to 32% p.a. on USDC and 17.5% on ETH

The Smart Yield wallet simplifies and optimizes earning a yield on crypto assets, with the goal of finding the best return for the lowest risk, as well as offering some of the best yielding conditions available on the market. 

Initially launched for the stablecoin USDC, the Smart Yield wallet gives users the opportunity to earn up to 32% per annum on the stablecoin.

SwissBorg also added a Smart Yield wallet for Ethereum — the world’s second-most popular cryptocurrency — in March 2021, which offers a yield of up to 17.5% p.a.

The account manages risk with SwissBorg’s strategy optimizer, which monitors and rates all available investment opportunities available based on their risk and expected returns. SwissBorg has also established a Safety Net Program to protect against smart contract risk. Starting with $1 million in SwissBorg (CHSB), the program continually contributes the equivalent of 25% of maximum yield earnings into the program to ensure it grows alongside our community’s investments.

SwissBorg’s Smart Yield wallet then delivers maximum returns by offering a variable rate rather than a fixed rate. While most crypto companies offer a fixed yield, this isn’t the best solution for users, as it allows these companies to hide their total returns. At SwissBorg, our yield fluctuates to match real market conditions, and our fees remain fixed. This ensures our users are getting the highest-available yield for the best risk/return ratio.

Currently, more than 50 million USDC in the SwissBorg Smart Yield wallet generates returns every day, with Premium users having received an average return of 20.77% p.a. over the past 90 days.

The Smart Yield wallet is currently able to hold USDC and Ether (ETH), with Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and Dai to be available in the coming weeks.

41% of CHSB tokens are locked in the Yield Program

The CHSB Yield Program is tailored for the SwissBorg token, CHSB, and is designed to reward CHSB token holders by tying the yield offered to the performance of the SwissBorg ecosystem.

Launched on Jan. 28 and within two weeks, 38.28% of the token’s circulating supply had already been locked in the CHSB Yield Program. At the time of writing, that number has already risen to 41%.

Every week, SwissBorg releases its Community Index: a score based on the volume of assets held in the SwissBorg app, the price of the CHSB token, the level of activity in SwissBorg’s wealth management and Community apps, and the level of engagement on social media and in SwissBorg’s decentralized autonomous organization.

Benefits of both yield wallets

While the mechanisms for calculating the yields are different, both the SwissBorg Smart Yield wallets and CHSB Yield Programs share a number of benefits. 

First, all SwissBorg yield wallets pay and compound the yield paid every 24 hours, resulting in even higher overall earnings.

Second, users who upgrade to a Premium account by staking CHSB in the app also benefit from earning double the yield of users who have a Standard account.

Finally, the terms of the SwissBorg yield wallets account are also some of the best available, with no minimum investment amount and no minimum investment period. 

For more information about the SwissBorg yield wallets, visit https://swissborg.com/smart-yield-account.

To learn about the SwissBorg app, visit https://swissborg.com/, or download it in the App Store or Google Play.