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An altcoin, or alternative coin, is pretty self-explanatory. An altcoin is every cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin – the first one. Altcoins may differ from Bitcoin in every possible way, such as mining mechanisms, coin-distribution methods or the ability to create decentralized applications.
Although Bitcoin is innovative and massively influential, it has some problems that developers are trying to fix with their own products. There is an altcoin that makes faster transactions, there is an altcoin that is less volatile, there is an altcoin that is more private and so on. There are more than one and a half thousand altcoins on the market at the day this text is written, according to Altcoins are playing a very important role by expanding boundaries of blockchain possibilities and the scope of applications.

The eternal battle between the ideology of decentralization and the pragmatism of the real world underpins most of the discussion on the future of MakerDAO.
What Makes DeFi Decentralized? Rune Christensen on Centralized Collateral and Decentralizing Make
Andrey Shevchenko
Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced a new feature that allows its users to convert small balances to the firm’s proprietary token OKB.
Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Tackles Small Balances With New Offering
Adrian Zmudzinski
In an interview with My Two Gwei, COO Bobby Ong addressed the recent $400 million acquisition of CoinMarketCap by crypto exchange Binance.
CoinGecko COO: ‘Hard for CoinMarketCap to Stay Neutral’
Turner Wright
Most of the blockchain firms that closed in 2019 were cryptocurrency scams or had a lacking business model, according to recent research.
Most of China’s DLT Firms That Closed in 2019 Were Scams or Poorly Planned
Adrian Zmudzinski
Baite, formerly one of the top Chinese mining pools, has dropped out of the BTC mining race in favor of altcoins.
Major Chinese Mining Pool Drops out of BTC Mining Race, Looking to Altcoins
Ting Peng
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic accelerates central bank digital currency developments, according to Deutsche Bank macro strategist Marion Laboure.
Coronavirus Encourages CBDC Developments: Deutsche Bank Strategist
Adrian Zmudzinski
Steem has again taken aim at the blockchain's former validators, executing a soft fork to freeze 17.6 million tokens associated with its previous witnesses.
Steem Soft Forks to Freeze 17.6M Tokens Held by Former Witnesses
Samuel Haig
Most of the fundraising in the cryptocurrency space shifted from the Americas to Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.
The New Land of Crypto Fundraising Is in Asia and Europe, Says PwC
Adrian Zmudzinski

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