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The price of Bitcoin (BTC) can refer to either the energy cost of maintaining and securing the Bitcoin network through mining or the market value of BTC at a particular moment or over the course of time. Most of the discourse tends to surround the latter. 

Bitcoin is a radically market-driven asset that is not backed by any commodity or central authority. As such, Bitcoin price movements tend to be volatile. Bitcoin’s price today will be different from Bitcoin’s price tomorrow. Ultimately, the price of Bitcoin is the result of the combined activities of a global community of stakeholders including miners, traders and consumers. 

There are various theories on how the market values (or ought to value) the price of BTC, from the supply-based pricing model, which necessitates increasing demand for value to increase, or the efficient-markets hypothesis (EMH), which asserts an ultraefficient, omnipotent marketplace that has already factored in the necessary information, to the stock-to-flow (STF) model, which measures an asset’s scarcity by tracking the ratio between current supply and annual production rate. This last model has attracted many in the BTC community for its thorough analysis and incredibly bullish sentiment.

Market Update
Bitcoin bulls celebrated BTC’s push through a long-term trendline resistance, but has anything actually changed?
Will bulls take charge now that Bitcoin price trades above a long-term trendline resistance?
Ray Salmond
Markets News
Investor cost basis is an important focus for ARK Invest, part of an ongoing “tug-of-war” in the 2022 Bitcoin bear market.
Bitcoin repeats key bear market move as $19K becomes key BTC price zone
William Suberg
Cryptocurrency’s hash rate measures a blockchain network’s processing power to process transactions.
What is Bitcoin hash rate and why does it matter?
Onkar Singh
Market Update
A push higher for Bitcoin is likely to form the final fakeout before plumbing new multiyear lows, fresh analysis maintains.
Bitcoin still has $14K target, warns trader as DXY due ‘parabola’ break
William Suberg
Market Analysis
Analysts say Bitcoin miners’ worst days are probably behind them, but the network's soaring hash rate and the uptick in difficulty are weighing on profit margin...
Bitcoin miner profitability under threat as hash rate hits new all-time high
Ray Salmond
Market Update
BTC price action sees a new October peak amid a declining U.S. dollar and a successful prior day’s trading for U.S. equities.
Bitcoin price sees first October spike above $20K as daily gains hit 5%
William Suberg
Market Analysis
U.S. tech giants are set to report their second quarter earnings throughout October, presenting a scenario that could possibly benefit Bitcoin.
A crumbling stock market could create profitable opportunities for Bitcoin traders
Marcel Pechman
Market Update
Traders say Bitcoin is overdue for a breakout, but are also keeping a lid on how optimistic they should be about a macro trend reversal.
Bitcoin price sets October high with $20K in reach as US stocks rally
William Suberg

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