BitQuick News

BitQuick is a financial services company founded in 2013 by Jad Mubaslat and is headquartered in Cincinnati, United States. The company is working on Bitcoin transactions and exchange and financial technologies. The main fields of work of BitQuick is quick Bitcoin-to-fiat exchange for mass customers. BitQuick is active in the U.S., Canada, many European countries and some others. The BitQuick fees on Bitcoin sold on are zero percent and two percent in BitQuick fees for Bitcoin that is bought. BitQuick is owned by the Athena Bitcoin company — an exchange and wallet provider mostly operating in U.S. but with a global network of Bitcoin ATMs. Using Bitcoin with BitQuick is beneficial due to its fast transaction speeds (not more than three business hours), a high level of security due to 256-bit SSL encryption, daily server backups and protection from losses with offline storage of private keys.