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The Federal Reserve. or The Federal Reserve System, is the central bank of the United States that was founded in 1913 by the U.S. Congress in order to establish central financial control. The Federal Reserve is responsible for a lot of functions, so some may become confused about its role and ask the question “what does the Federal Reserve do?” The main objectives of the Federal Reserve System were established along with its founding in 1913. They are: maximizing employment, stabilizing prices and moderating long-term interest rates. Those are achieved by open-market operations, placing the discount rate, and establishing reserve requirements for financial institutions. Decisions and prognoses of the Federal Reserve are crucial for world’s economy because most economic operations are dependent on the U.S. dollar, which falls under the Federal Reserve’s control.
Market Update
Stock markets and Bitcoin price took a slight hit after the Federal Reserve announced plans to increase interest rates twice in 2023, a tad bit earlier than mar...
Bitcoin price falls after Fed shifts interest rate hikes forward amid inflation fears
Ray Salmond
Market Analysis
Analysts anticipate Bitcoin to continue its recovery rally above $40,000 on bets of increasing anti-inflation, but a looming death cross could spoil the upside ...
Looming ‘death cross’ may put Bitcoin bull run in danger ahead of Fed meeting
Yashu Gola
Former congressman Ron Paul believes Bitcoin should be regulated and taxed the same as money.
Former congressman Ron Paul: Bitcoin is money and should be taxed the same
Brian Quarmby
Markets News
The flagship cryptocurrency faces a higher profit-taking sentiment near its 200-day simple moving average wave.
Bitcoin tumbles to $36K as Ark’s Cathie Wood addresses BTC regulatory fears
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
The money printer is going brrr in the United States.
Bitcoin tackles $40,000 as Biden unveils new $6 trillion federal spending budget
Yashu Gola
Market Analysis
New data shows a dramatic rise in the number of Bitcoin wallets holding anywhere between 100 BTC to 1,000 BTC — but there may be a catch.
Number of Bitcoin wallets holding 100–1K BTC soars after Tesla’s $1.5B buy-in
Yashu Gola
The Federal Reserve Governor has urged the United States to be at the forefront of developing CBDC to maintain the U.S. dollar’s role as a global reserve curren...
US must win CBDC race to maintain dollar's global reserve currency status: Federal Reserve Governor
Brian Quarmby
Caitlin Long has stated she is optimistic about the crypto regulations that are taking shape in the United States as the focus is on taxation and compliance.
'Crypto regulatory crackdown is starting' but it’ll be OK, says Avanti CEO
Brian Quarmby

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