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The Federal Reserve. or The Federal Reserve System, is the central bank of the United States that was founded in 1913 by the U.S. Congress in order to establish central financial control. The Federal Reserve is responsible for a lot of functions, so some may become confused about its role and ask the question “what does the Federal Reserve do?” The main objectives of the Federal Reserve System were established along with its founding in 1913. They are: maximizing employment, stabilizing prices and moderating long-term interest rates. Those are achieved by open-market operations, placing the discount rate, and establishing reserve requirements for financial institutions. Decisions and prognoses of the Federal Reserve are crucial for world’s economy because most economic operations are dependent on the U.S. dollar, which falls under the Federal Reserve’s control.
Could stablecoins be undone by a Federal Reserve that takes consumer deposits? Would retail banks be hobbled?
Does a Fed digital dollar leave any room for crypto stablecoins?
Andrew Singer
"The Federal Reserve would only pursue a CBDC in the context of broad public and cross-governmental support," said the recently published paper.
Fed issues discussion paper on benefits and risks of a digital dollar
Turner Wright
Market Analysis
Regulatory uncertainty and tighter monetary policies continue to weigh on BTC price, but data shows bulls are attempting to provoke a reversal.
Bulls aim to turn the tide in Friday’s $580M options expiry after BTC tops $43K
Marcel Pechman
Markets News
Federal Reserve policy should mean markets see a long-awaited comedown of up to one-fifth, says Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone.
Bitcoin will emerge stronger after stocks dip ‘10%–20%’ — Bloomberg analyst
William Suberg
Strong framing move by U.S. Representative Tom Emmer and a looming threat of another crypto ban in Asia: a digest of last week's top crypto policy stories is he...
Law Decoded: First-mover advantage in a CBDC conversation, Jan. 10–17
Kirill Bryanov
According to the U.S. President, the three nominees have the “experience, judgment and integrity to lead the Federal Reserve and to help build our economy back ...
President Biden taps economists for Fed governors’ seats, Sarah Bloom Raskin as vice chair for supervision
Turner Wright
Market Analysis
Derivatives analysis suggests that ETH will continue to bounce around in the $3,300 to $3,600 range for the short-term.
Ethereum options data shows pro traders expect strong resistance at $3,600
Marcel Pechman
“We want to make sure that we do the requisite research on policy and technology so we're in a position to move forward if Congress decides it's important to be...
Fed's Lael Brainard invites Congress to choose whether to compete with China's digital yuan
Turner Wright

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