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Nowadays, games have become a new way to gain some money in combination with a pleasurable pastime, though not a lot of it. For digital money lovers, there are cryptocurrency games with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Some games do not require any investments from the gamer while some need an initial amount to play, which is frightening for many gamers. It’s no wonder that there are already many scams within the crypto-gaming industry. To avoid becoming a victim of one, a future game player should look closely at the ratings, reviews, dynamics and even the design of the game in order to be sure of the security of the account, money and private information. Not long time ago, smartphone games began to appear on both iOS and Android. To become a user of such applications, it is usually necessary to register a Bitcoin account. After that, the user should be careful in submitting all his/her data and should follow the rules.

Epic Games is open to blockchain game developers, but the company has no NFT plans.
Epic welcomes blockchain games but don't expect any Fortnite NFTs
Erhan Kahraman
“Steam's point of view is that items have value and they don't allow items that can have real-world value on their platform,” claimed one game developer.
Valve removes blockchain games, tells users not to publish content on crypto or NFTs
Turner Wright
After closing seed funding, an economy-first crypto game leads the way, backed by a strong community and top industry leaders.
This crypto game with strong economics heads for token launch, after seed funding closure with prominent industry leaders
Sarah Jansen
A platform is making it possible to escape the real world with a virtual world recreated with the technology of Web 3.0.
One platform tries to rejuvenate gamers’ favorite childhood memories using Web 3.0
Sarah Jansen
In-game NFTs have generated $2.3 billion in sales over the past three months and Axies are the top sellers.
Half of unique active crypto wallets played a blockchain game in Q3
Martin Young
To address concerns around the simplicity of play-to-earn games, a GameFi metaverse aims to create interoperability with editable NFTs.
A GameFi metaverse launches the first-ever interoperable, editable and evolvable NFT
Sarah Jansen
Guy Oseary has signed on to represent Yuga Labs in the entertainment sector, with the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project slated to expand into music, gaming, TV a...
U2's manager signs deal to expand Bored Ape Yacht Club to movies, TV and music
Brian Quarmby
A growing mainnet blockchain is taking a greener stance on trading digital assets. Here, team members share the growth prospects of this industry and how they a...
Emissions from digital art creation? This platform strives to make the NFT market greener
Sarah Jansen

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