Jaron Lukasiewicz News

Jaron Lukasiewicz is an American entrepreneur, was born in 1985 and is currently living in New York City. Jaron Lukasiewicz has a bachelor’s degree from Rice University in economics. Prior to his blockchain business involvement, Jaron Lukasiewicz worked as a summer analyst at SPB Partners and was an investment banker at JPMorgan. Jaron Lukasiewicz gained the attention of the blockchain community when he founded and became CEO of CoinSetter. Jaron Lukasiewicz’s CoinSetter was one of the first Bitcoin exchanges in the United States, though it was later acquired by Kraken. Today, Jaron Lukasiewicz is the CEO of Autonomos Capital — a blockchain consulting company that is focused on providing promising startups with the expertise of experienced blockchain specialists. Lukasiewicz is also an active investor and blockchain expert. The various companies of Jaron Lukasiewicz have gained significant net worth and are considered to be some of the most successful blockchain initiatives.