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  • Robocoin Owner Attempts to Protect His Customers From Robocoin

    by Amanda B. Johnson

    Today many owners of BTMs (Bitcoin Teller Machines) are wishing they had picked a manufacturer other than Robocoin. The Las Vegas-based BTM company is now attempting to control the operation of machines that have already been sold, against the wishes of some (and possibly many) of the machines’ owners. And the proprietary 2.0 software Robocoin is attempting to push would jeopardize the security of customers using the BTMs.

  • Butterfly Labs vs. Robogate: A Revealing Case Study in Justice

    by Amanda B. Johnson

    As happens in all brand-spanking-new industries, the first actors who come to market aren’t vetted yet. The vast majority of merchants in the cryptocurrency space don’t have lengthy records of successful service—in fact, most of them haven’t even existed for more than a year or two. The buyers, too, are all relatively new to the digital money marketplace.

  • Bitcoin ATMs available in Canada by year’s end

    by Eric Barrier

    A Vancouver-based company has bought five Bitcoin ATMs and plans to have them up and running around Canada by December.Bitcoiniacs, which operates a physical Bitcoin exchange in Vancouver, purchased the RoboCoin machines for $18,500 each and has the first already running in Vancouver, at